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A harmonious blend of music and nature.

Water Melodies shows the beauty and diversity of water as it glides, falls and dances through the Earth’s wonderful scenery.
Complemented by the soothing and inspiring music of composer Simon Daum, 9 tracks present the many different moods and textures of water with gentle curves created by its graceful flow over smooth stones, softly rippling reflections in mountain lakes, abstract patterns of swirls and bubbles, drops jumping playfully over rocks and waterfalls cascading to the valley floor.

5 extra Natural Decoration tracks use natural sounds and show a small waterfall in a mountain setting, a wild green river, cool glacial waters, a woodland creek, and a rocky stream with flower seeds floating on an Autumn breeze.

Water Melodies was filmed with HD cameras and professional audio equipment. All the tracks repeat automatically and can therefore be played continuously, and each section of the DVD also has Play All functions.

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Water Melodies

A DVD from the Ambient Collection&#174

The Ambient Collection is a series of DVD's featuring high-quality images and relaxing natural sounds and music. These DVD's may be used in the home as well as in group settings. They are the perfect way to create a relaxing setting anywhere there is a TV and DVD player.

*Already included in the cost of all the Ambient DVD's in this section is a licence to show the images on up to four televisions or one large screen.

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