Twiddle Pup activity muff for Alzheimer's patients


Chocolate Twiddle Muff - therapy muff for Alzheimer's patients and more



A friendly, soft and cozy muff, the Twiddle™Cat has a soft-plastic orbit ball tethered to its interior to keep the hands and minds of its users active and engaged.

It also has three exchangeable gadgets: a satin crackle pouch, a strand of textured ribbons, a loop of colorful wooden beads, as well as a soft, satin pocket for personal essentials and a velcro tab patch.

The Twiddle®Cat provides comfort, warmth, and activity to promote increased hand flexibility and brain stimulation. It can help and comfort those with diminished hand mobility, limited social interaction or anyone soothed by repetitive tactile motion.

All attachments are removable for easy laundering.

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Professional caregivers rave about the effectiveness of Twiddle®Muffs. It has long been known that having something to hold and manipulate, something to "twiddle" or figgit with, can have a calming effect on people who suffer from dementia. The textures, the gadgets, the warm coziness of the Twiddles® are all there for just that. The focus and the stimulation they provide truly adds to the quality of life of the individual.

The Twiddle® gadgets are detachable allowing the Muff to be machine cleaned. Muffs have been put through many machine washing cycles, and still look and feel and work like new!

According to Corie Larocque, Alzheimer's coordinator for Brighton Gardens in Wheaton, IL, "(The Twiddle®Muffs) immediately help calm the resident, directing their focus and energy on one thing. In my experience, the muff does reduce the need for meds."

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