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THE 1942 SEARS CHRISTMAS BOOK (Facsimile Edition)

Holiday Reminiscing

For generations, the much-anticipated arrival of the Sears gift catalog signaled the start of the holiday season. This faithful facsimile of the retailer's 1942 Christmas edition offers a nostalgia-inducing chance to relive those bygone years, when turning the pages of a catalog could excite young minds with dreams of a shiny toy truck or a new doll under the tree.

A unique collectible, The 1942 Sears Christmas Book also provides an interesting look at how merchandise has evolved over the years. In 1942, Sears shoppers could purchase toys as well as housewares, clothes, furniture, candy, and gifts to send to servicemen (all at prices that now seem astonishingly low). The wartime catalog even includes information about the importance of saving scrap metal for munitions and encourages readers to buy war bonds.

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Reminiscence Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

Many people with progressive memory disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, are much more comfortable talking about memories long past than about things that happened recently. Because the area of the brain that stores memories long term is affected later in the disease's progression, the affected person will remember more about her life when she was 40 years younger than she knows about what has happened this week. A person with Alzheimer's disease, for example, might have a detailed and lucid conversation about something that happened after the war (World War II or the Korean War) than what he or she had for breakfast, or experienced at the theater the night before.

A summary of existing data, including studies published in professional journals, and interviews with specialists, concluded that the general mood and cognition improved in subjects with dementia who participated in some form of reminiscence therapy. There is no doubt that reminiscing, no matter how it is done, can be beneficial

Reminiscing and reminiscence therapy are powerful tools for the Alzheimer's caregiver. Read more about reminiscing at our website.

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book_title The 1942 Sears Christmas Book
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