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Tangle® Therapy is sized to fit in the palm and is designed to provide a one of a kind feel and action. Manipulating the Tangle relieves minor stress, improves range of hand motion, restores motion of joints, improves muscle performance, strengthens finger muscles, rehabilitates hand muscles and joints. Tangle® Therapy is appropriate for people in all stages, and is even relaxing and therapeutic for caregivers.
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I loved the Tangle, and bought it as soon as I read the ad copy. When I gave it to my mom, she was a bit disdainful--she got a master's degree in Chemistry in 1948, so she's one smart cookie, and also very very sensitive to patronizing treatment. So, I left it with her wondering if I'd wasted my money and insulted her in the process. But when I went back a month later, she picked it up every time she sat down on the couch, with obvious delight. She LOVES it. She says she plays with it all the time when she lays on the couch for a rest. She really likes getting the green sections lined up.

When my dad picked it up (he's 88, not having the dementia issues), it looked like he was forcing it, and she said, "Now don't you break my toy!"

I was so pleased I just had to write.

~ Elizabeth

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