SUN TOUCH PLUS 10,000 LUX (Open Box)

Like a sunny stroll on the beach

Based on the latest innovation in light therapy research, the Sun Touch Plus is designed to boost your mood and energy throughout the year by mimicking the effects of a sunny sky. Meanwhile, the negative ionizer releases the same rejuvenating particles that form around rainforests and waterfalls.

  • 10,000-lux Sky Effect™ light
  • Built-in Negative Ionizer - Brings you the positive properties of Nature’s most calming scenes.
  • 15, 30, 45, and 60 Minute Timer - Perfect for the busiest weekday, or the most relaxing weekend.
  • Emits 17,000 Kelvin UV-Free light - Mimics the natural benefits of a clear blue sky.

* Don't use therapy lights after sunset.


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Use the Sun Touch Plus 30 to 60 minutes a day, at mealtime, while enjoying one of our Nature DVDs, or just relaxing.

Alzheimer's disease and other dementias affect the brain in a way that can cause sleep disturbances. We all know how we feel when we have a sleepless night. We're cranky, we're unsocial, and all we want to do the next day is nap.

Very often doctors prescribe medicine to help us sleep, and sometimes they do help. But people with dementia are often over-medicated to begin with. Prescribing more medicine increases the likelihood of drug interactions, and sleep medicines often cause other problems. The Alzheimer's Association makes this recommendation:

The risks of sleep-inducing medications for older people who are cognitively impaired are considerable. They include increased risk for falls and fractures, confusion, and a decline in the ability to care for oneself. If sleep medications are used, an attempt should be made to discontinue them after a regular sleep pattern has been established.

An effort should be made to establish and maintain a regular sleep pattern to lessen the need for medication. Bright light therapy can be a part of an overall program to do that. We offer several solutions. The Sun Touch Plus 10,000-lux Sky Effect™ light by Nature Bright provides up to 10,000 LUX of white light that mimics sunlight.

Instructions for Use
Use consists of sitting close to the Sun Touch Plus with your eyes open.
While staying oriented toward the light, feel free to engage in other activities such as reading, hobbies and crafts, or painting.
1. Turn on the lamp and allow a few seconds for the bulb to achieve full brightness.
2. The Sun Touch Plus should be positioned as close as 9 inches, but within 24 inches from your face, and slightly offset from center. Note: Do not stare directly at the light.
The light from the Sun Touch Plus must be directed at your eyes; therefore, your eyes must be open to achieve the full benefit. Note: Tinted glasses reduce the amount of light reaching your eyes.

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