Shipping & Delivery

We strive to get your order to you as soon as possible. We understand your situation, and don't want to leave you waiting for long!  Items will usually ship within 24 business hours of the time they were received, Mon. thru Friday. In fact, orders in by noon (Central Time U.S.) will almost always go out that day. (Exceptions include natural disasters and the few times each year we are all out of the office for one reason or another.)  We will post a notification on our store when we know shipment will generally be delayed more than a couple of days. If we need to delay your shipment for whatever reason we will call or email you with the specifics. Sometimes the package is delayed in shipping because of weather or othe things. Your tracking number will keep you informed of such situations.

Best Alzheimer's Products has recently contracted with FedEx to handle all of our shipping needs. We have negotiated rates that will give our customers a combination of great service and affordable pricing. The transit map below is for FedEx Ground. Ground is really only available to commercial addresses, and for residential deliveries over 70 pounds. Home Delivery, for residential addresses, has about the same transit time as does Ground. We are happy to offer Smart Post as a delivery option, since it is very inexpensive. Smart Post is a collaboration between FedEx and the U.S. Post Office. Packages that ship via Smart Post are picked up at our business and delivered to the post office nearest you. The postal servide then takes over and delivers your parcel to your address. It is generally the least costly of our shipping options, but be aware that Smart Post can take up to eight days for delivery, so if you are at all in a hurry, please select Home Delivery.

See below for some notes about orders shipping outside the United States.


If you have any specific questions about shipping for your order, please give us a call!  We are happy to help.  847.223.3021 or 877.300.3021.

Once in a while we run out of something. Sometimes it's because our supplier is temporarily out, sometimes we get a run on something and in a week sell more than we usually do in a month.  If we are out of stock, that fact should be indicated in that items description on the store and it should not be possible to order that item (no system is perfect, and sometimes our inventory numbers get out of whack). If you want something that shows out of stock, please call or Contact Us so we can let you know that items status.

We like to give you as much choice as possible, not only by giving you a broad selection of products in our store, but also letting you decide how it is delivered to you. Of course, the shorter the transit time, the more expensive will be the option.

We ship almost everything from our home base in the Chicago area; we are fairly central in the U.S., and normal shipping times to anywhere in the United States are usually reasonable. The following list is meant only as a guide, and should not be considered absolute. This is also true of the maps that follow, but as you can see, First Class Mail & Priority Mail, as well as UPS Ground, along with our commitment to ship very soon after receiving your order, are usually more than adequate to get your package to where it's going when you need it to be there. Also, shipping can be and often is effected by a variety of factors including holidays, weather, natural disasters, etc. As the timing and location of these factors are so far beyond our control, we make no claims....


 FedEx Ground Transit Times from 60030

FedEx Ground®  Service Map

This map illustrates service schedules in business days for FedEx Ground® shipments. Ground isn't generally available for residential shipping. Home delivery times are generally the same as ground. Our most economical option, FedEx SmartPost®, takes 2-7 business days within the contiguous United States, a little longer to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territories.


A Note Concerning International Shipping (Outside the U.S.)

We ship to many countries, most notably Canada, Australia, and the UK, but we have shipped as far as India and South Africa. Our store is not set up to receive orders from everywhere. The store are able to accept orders from Canada and the UK and Ireland and a few other European countries, as well as from Australia and Singapore. As we get more requests we will add countries, but there is a lot involved; I want to know as much as possible about what will happen to a package once it reaches your country. If you live somewhere not supported by our ordering process, please click here to contact us and we will arrange to complete your order. There are a few things you should know if you are considering ordering from anywhere outside the United States.

  • Shipping is relatively expensive. This is something over which we have no control, other than to give you as many options as we can. Shipping costs are calculated mostly according to weight; the heavier the package, the more costly is the shipping. The size of the package can also affect the cost. As always, the more you spend on shipping, the faster you will receive your order. 
  • There will probably be some added costs when your package arrives; we have no control over these costs also. Many countries have a Value Added Tax (VAT) for purchases coming into the country. This is something that is added to the cost of everything purchased, whether you buy it online from us or at the store down the street. This amount varies by country, and might be anywhere from 8% to 25% or even more. Your country will also probably add a duty fee (generally only a couple of percent). Many of the things that you can purchase from us are not charged duty, depending mostly on what it is and the country of manufacture (and your country). As if this is not complicated enough, every country is different!  And we cannot be sure what the exact amount will be. We can arrange to pay these fees for you if you like. Please call. We have recently begun collecting duties and taxes for Canada, so if you order from Canada you will not have added fees upon delivery of your order.

There are a lot of quirks and exceptions to much of the above. For example Australia does not charge VAT on shipments coming in that are valued under $1000 (At least I was told that). Canada does not charge duty on dolls that represent humans. There are literally thousands of these regulations. Despite the expense, the inability to predict, and the shipping times, we send packages to countries outside of the United States almost every day. Part of the reason for that is the uniqueness of our company and our product line. Please let us know if you want to learn more about what it will take to get your order to you.