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Oshadhi Essential Oils

The Oshadhi essential oils that Best Alzheimer's Products offers are among the purest available anywhere. We stock a variety of oils that are beneficial for people with dementia including Alzheimer's, and for the caregivers of those people. We do have available any essential oil that is commonly used for aromatherapy. If you are interested in an oil not listed here, please call or contact us.

In addition to individual oils, we offer a number of Therapeutic Synergy Blends. A synergy is a blend of essential oils whose action has a greater total effect than the sum of the individual oils. Oshadhi Synergies have been created for specific therapeutic effects that address common, everyday situations. These blends are named for their application and their specific benefit.

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Rosemary, Highland: Organic

Rosmarinus officinalis

Refreshing, clean, strong, herbaceous.

Rosemary is a shrubby, evergreen herb that can grow up to 6 feet high. It has silvery-green, needle-like leaves and small, pale blue flowers. It is native to the Mediterranean region and is commonly used for culinary purposes. The essential oil is distilled from the entire aromatic plant. Rosemary essential oil is available in a variety of chemotypes. This particular chemotype is noted for its versatility for respiratory, musculo-skeletal, and circulatory situations.

Fights respiratory infections--colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis. Clears congestion and relieves breathing. Supports the immune system. Relieves muscle pains, cramps, and sprains. Tones the muscles. Relieves rheumatism and arthritis discomfort. Tones the cardio-vascular system. Relieves upset stomach and mild constipation.

Relieves physical exhaustion, mental fatigue, and lethargy. Clears the mind and aids memory.

Clears and cleanses. Protects from negative influences. Strengthens will power. Centers. Helps to establish "healthy boundaries" in relationships. Promotes self-confidence. Clears the mind. Promotes clear thoughts, insights, and understanding. Inspires faith.

Skin care:
Useful for oily, congested, and acneic skin types. Fights infections and promotes healing. Improves circulation and stimulates glandular function. Relieves puffiness. Tones the scalp and helps treat dandruff. Stimulates hair growth.

Major biochemical compounds:
Alpha-, beta-pinene, 1,8 cineol, camphene, borneol, borneone

Method of use:
Essential oils can be used in a variety of methods of application and/or inhalation. Massage, bath, diffusion--there are endless opportunities for using Oshadhi genuine and authentic essential oils. For guidelines, see our Aromatherapy page.

....Avoid if you have high blood pressure
....Avoid during pregnancy

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aromatherapy_name Rosemary, Highland - 5ml
aroma_botanic_name Rosmarinus officinalis
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aroma_considerations Avoid if you have high blood pressure, Avoid during pregnancy
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