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Never forget tasks again! Reminder Rosie offers up to 25 personalized assistive spoken reminders from caregivers, loved ones & family members as a simple solution for improving task compliance in day-to-day living.100% hands free.

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Reminder Rosie is your personal butler that will tell you important tasks you need to do at a specific time every day, from medications to your favorite activities to a doctor appointment. Hear up to 25 personal voice reminder messages in the comforting voice of a loved one has shown to make a real difference in task adherence. Managing wellness and organizing daily activities helps people live in the comfort of their own home longer, independently, safely and with dignity. Reminder Rosie is your personal reminder assistant without the high cost!

Reminder Rosie is a hands-free, voice controlled daily reminder/memory aid. Rosie is a simple-looking digital alarm clock embedded with revolutionary speech recognition; records & announces up to 25 loud personalized, familiar and comforting voice reminders at a specific time and date, everyday, weekly, monthly & annually. A simple solution to organize your day - remember meds, appointments, household & personal tasks, birthdays & much more without touching any buttons! Reminder Rosie is your personal butler who notifies you of tasks without the high cost!

How Rosie works: A family member, caregiver or user records a message, perhaps "Mom, Its time to take your two red and one white pill after breakfast" 8:30 am every day. Once the task is accomplished the user either says "reminder off" or touches the clock to turn it off. That's it!

Why Rosie Works: Rosie is adoptable by people who are very low tech, and/or have significant cognitive decline, including user ages over 100. Rosie looks like a simple digital clock from 1980`s, yet its ease-of-use is based cutting-edge technologies. Rosie is so easy to set up right out of the box; just wake up Rosie, say a command such as "record reminder" and follow Rosie`s prompts!

Who uses Rosie: People who age at home or in senior housing, disabled, blind or blind impaired, children and family members of busy households.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • - Hear up to 25 personalized, comforting messages in a loved one`s voice over 100 feet away in any language
  • - Record personalized reminders in any language to playback at a specific time every day, weekly, on a specific date or annually.
  • - Personalized reminders in a loved one`s voice has shown to improve compliance more effectively than most task aids
  • - Easy to use - Users hears a voice message, completes task & turns off reminder saying "reminder off" or touching Rosie
  • - Highly adoptable; Elders or blind impaired are not required to learn a new technology or touch any buttons – just listen
  • - Un-intimidating, familiar looking LED clock for seniors with large digits
  • - Helps people live in their home longer with more independence and peace of mind for family members and caregivers
  • - Never forget tasks, activities or miss appointments from repeating messages until specific task accomplished
  • - Rosie is a personal reminder assistant – helps reduce high cost of homecare
  • - Peace of mind for caregivers and family members
  • - Reminders, alarm and time/date are retained during a power failure (3 AAA batteries required)


  • - Voice or manual operation
  • - Large 2 inch LED Digits visible from any angle
  • - Hi/low volume and dim settings; Alarm on/off switch
  • - Doubles as a voice alarm clock
  • - Record 25 reminders, 6 seconds in any language
  • - User says “reminder off” or press down to turn off
  • - Snooze function 9 minutes
  • - Works off line
  • - Power: AC 120 volts, 60Hz; UL/CSA listed
  • - Battery back-up: 3AAA not included
  • - Clock Dimensions/Weight: 8"w x 4.25"h x 2.75"d; 1 LB
  • - Warranty: 1-year limited
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