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Lagoon (Movie)



Experience the fathomless serenity of the ancient redwood forest as shafts of silver sunlight penetrate the towering canopy. Feel and hear the gentle drops of captured cloud water falling from the treetops to the forest floor, replenishing life in this rainforest world. Meander down crystal creeks reflecting mossy boulders and trees, while in their shallow depths round pebbles and rock roots lie still beneath the rippling water. Marvel at thousand-year-old giants rising from darkness into light, their softly folded bark marked by fire, in hues from brilliant red to chocolate brown.

The mystery and magic of California's old growth redwood forests in wide screen video with original music by Gary Malkin, Raphael Sharpe, and Kevin Breheny.

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Plays in all DVD players including the latest up-converting players for Hi Def TVs.

HD Environments sent videographers out to film some of the most beautiful locations all over the world. What they ended up with is a series of 9 DVDs that might be best described as background or ambient audio-video. Set in locations like Hawaii, the Sacred Canyons of the American Southwest, Bali, and the Rocky Mountains, each explores the magnificence of its setting to a relaxing musical score. There is no narration to get in the way of your enjoyment.

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Weight 0.2000
Stage Early Stage, Middle Stage, Late Stage, Caregivers
Movie Title Redwood Giants
Movie Length 75 minutes
Media Format DVD
Sound Dolby Digital Stereo
Region All Regions
Aspect Ratio widescreen
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