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Dementia Professionals - Hospice + Palliative CareSo much of end of life care is about providing comfort. This is true as well for people in palliative care, but perhaps to a lesser degree. According to the National Institute on Aging, “comfort care is an essential part of medical care at the end of life. It is care that helps or soothes a person who is dying.”

Sensory stimulation can be a big part of treatment at this advanced stage. Soft textures and lights. Familiar and pleasant smells. Favorite music, or music that is pleasing. It is surprising that some older memories can survive even this late stage of dementia. Reminiscing exercises can now be one of the most comforting experiences. Old family photographs and music are perhaps the most effective means to evoke old, hidden memories. 

We support hospices all over the courntry, and two of the favorite items of these services are our Therapy Muffs and the Busy Bee Lap Pad. These provide feedback for many of the senses, and have fun things to keep hands busy. The Busy Bee weighs about 5 pounds to provide comforting proprioceptive feedback. Two other favorites are our wighted neck wraps that can be warmed, and our whole line of aromatherapy products.

Anything that stimulates the senses also stimulates the brain. Such stimulation can have marvelous effect, though because of diminished communication skills, it is not always easy or possible to know. Watch  the face for indication that your efforts are appreciated.


Activity Bundles

Activity Bundles for Activity Professionals | Bundles of fun wrapped up in a bundle.

These bundles of activities and therapies offer a way to get and keep a variety of age- and stage-appropriate activities for people who have dementia. We recommend these also as a way to optimize visits when people drop in. Keep a box in the lobby of your building so visitors can choose an activity to take with as they visit their loved ones.

Sensory & Interactive Art

Coming Soon

We all benefit from an interesting and stimulating environment. People living in Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities spend most of their time indoors. It is particularly important that the interior decor of their community be appealing.

This collection of art objects can put beneficial activity in the center of the living environment. All are high quality.

These sensory and interactive art objects are part of an overall treatment program for people who have dementia.


Monitoring and Safety for Memory Care Communities | Safety is the primary responsibility professionals have for the people in their care.

Use aromatherapy to set a mood (relaxed, stimulating, etc.) and create a pleasing atmosphere, to mitigate behavioral symptoms, or to provide a more disease-free setting. The right oil can provide everyone in the room with an energy boost, and certain oils can even improve memory and cognition.


We have furniture to accommodate almost every special mobility and ambulatory requirement. We have chairs that swivel and roll to help seat people at a table. We have tables that adjust in height so people with different seating requirements can enjoy each other's company.  And there is a diverse line of matching products to coordinate decore in any room. Click to learn more.

Products for early stages of Alzheimer's and dementia | selecting just the right gift for anyone with dementia.


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