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As a professional client you will be more likely to order more often and in larger quantities than do our customers. The products in our store are priced for the person who occassionally buys one of this and one of that. If you have a larger order, please contact us (847/223.3021 or We are happy to put together a discounted package. The discount will depend on your order, but we are always happy to work with you. Please allow us to create an account for your company with net 30 terms.


Architects and Designers of Senior Living Communities |working on a room layoutIn many ways designing for Memory Care is the same as designing any other living space, but there are some pronounced differences as well. Dependint on the cause, dementia can affect perception and physical abilities as well as memory and other cognitive functioning. These are important considerations when designing and decorating for people who have dementia.

If you are reading this you are likely one of a number of firms that specialize in the design and construction of senior care communities. You understand the need to provide a safe and stimulating environment, especially for residents of memory care. We understand as well, and have a variety of products that complement your finished design, products that are sure to impress your clients. Life Stations provide interactive and reminiscent activity for residents, while our special line of furniture provide comfort and accessibility. Wireless Monitoring systems are adaptable and easy to install, while specialized Art objects(coming soon) not only contribute to a pleasant and relaxed decor, but also provide sensory and cognitive feedback.

One marvelous example of value added design: A nursery is a marvelous addition to any Memory Care unit, and more and more we are equiping and providing ideas for these rooms. Doll therapy is one of our favorite non-pharmacological therapies for people with dementia, and a nursery is an ideal way to make this therapy available. Many people wander, often in the middle of the night. Rather than meandering aimlessy about the halls, or looking for a way out, these ramblers can "rock a baby to sleep" , and they will hopefully be ready then to return to bed. We have very realistic therapy dolls at an affordable price. 


Life Stations

Life Stations for people with dementia including Alzheimer's | a tool that promotes reminiscing and socialization, and provides other effective therapy.

Life Stations are a fairly new interactive tool designed to arouse memories and inspire reminiscing, but savy care providers have been using the concept for years. Each station suggests a life task or hobby that most people with dementia will remember from earlier times. There are nine Life Stations: Click here to see them all.


We have furniture to accommodate almost every special mobility and ambulatory requirement. We have chairs that swivel and roll to help seat people at a table. We have tables that adjust in height so people with different seating requirements can enjoy each other's company.  And there is a diverse line of matching products to coordinate decore in any room. Click to learn more.

Specialized furniture to accomodate almost every special mobility need.

Wireless Monitoring and Safety

Monitoring and Safety for Memory Care Communities | Safety is the primary responsibility professionals have for the people in their care.

People who care for others who are no longer able to care for themselves are responsible for safety first. As a designer, you can help by providing or specifying a wireless system capable of monitoring everyone's safety, to minimize wandering, falls, and other potentially dangerous situations.  See all monitoring solutions. If you don't see a solution that fits you design, please contact us at 847/223.3021.

Sensory & Interactive Art

Coming Soon

We all benefit from an interesting and stimulating environment. People living in Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities spend most of their time indoors. It is particularly important that the interior decor of their community be appealing.

This collection of art objects can put beneficial activity in the center of the living environment. All are high quality.

Sensory and Interactive Art for Memory Care Communities.


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