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As a professional client you will be more likely to order more often and in larger quantities than do our customers. The products in our store are priced for the person who occassionally buys one of this and one of that. If you have a larger order, please contact us (847/223.3021 or We are happy to put together a discounted package. The discount will depend on your order, but we are always happy to work with you. Please allow us to create an account for your company with net 30 terms.


Dementia Professionals - Memory Care ProfessionalsKnowing what we do about the positive affects that appropriate activities have for people with dementia, we hold activity professionals in the highest esteem. A primary focus of dementia care is to provide for the basic needs and the safety of people who are no longer able to provide that for themselves. Once safe and secure, you play a big part in the important process of enhancing quality of life. We know from an increasing body of clinical study that appropriate activity not only improves mood and demeanor, but strengthens memory and other cognitive functions.

Providing stimulating activity is not just about keeping those in your care busy. Appropriate activity lessens the detrimental effects of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

Below are four categories of products that we recommend for you, the Activity Professional. Activity Bundles provide an easy way to aquire and provide a useful variety of activities. Our Life Stations are of high quality, and just way cool. Aromatherpy can accompany any activity and make that activity more effective. Coming soon is a great variety of Sensory and Interactive Art, a really aesthetic way to improve any living environment.

Of course, you have your own style and your particular clients. You can find all of our products by category from the menu above.



Activity Bundles

These bundles offer a way to get and keep a variety of age- and stage-appropriate activities for people who have dementia. We recommend these also as a way to optimize visits when people drop in. Keep a box in the lobby of your building so visitors can choose an activity to take with as they visit their loved ones. Bundles are also a handy solution for busy activity personnel.

Activity Bundles for Activity Professionals | Bundles of fun wrapped up in a bundle.


Life Stations


Life Stations for people with dementia including Alzheimer's | a tool that promotes reminiscing and socialization, and provides other effective therapy.

Life Stations are a fairly new interactive tool designed to arouse memories and inspire reminiscing, but savy care providers have been using the concept for years. Each station suggests a life task or hobby that most people with dementia will remember from earlier times. There are nine Life Stations: Click here to see them all.

Sensory & Interactive Art

We all benefit from an interesting and stimulating environment. People living in Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities spend most of their time indoors. It is particularly important that the interior decor of their community be appealing.

This collection of art objects can put beneficial activity in the center of the living environment. All are high quality. Most are available in a choice of finishes (frames) to compliment your decor. And check the dimensions - these are bigger than you might at first think.

These sensory and interactive art objects are part of an overall treatment program for people who have dementia.


Monitoring and Safety for Memory Care Communities | Safety is the primary responsibility professionals have for the people in their care.

You may wonder why I am recommending aromatherapy, a decidedly non-active enterprise, to a group of Activity Professionals. Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that can "run in the background" of almost any other activity, and will amplify the positive effect of that activity. We recommend that aromatherapy (and music) be used as much as is practical in the care community.


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