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The Chair Activity Bingo Game features seated stretches and simple movements that must be completed in order to mark your game card. Perfect for use with older adults or anyone with limited mobility.



This game is played like BINGO. It includes 12 original PO-KE-NO boards and 200 chips. We have included a FREE deck of cards for you. The chips that come with the game are small, so we offer poker chips as an alternative. We also have large 5”X7” cards for bigger groups, which can be added to your order.

Each board has 5 cards across and 5 down. The dealer holds up a card from the deck and if a player has it, they cover it with a chip. The first player who covers a complete row of five, either horizontally, vertically (or diagonally, our rule) wins.

If you have a large group, you can continue to play to see who “wins” next. There are alternative ways to play on the back of the box, depending on the ability of the player.

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Games for people with Alzheimer's can be low-tech, high-tech, or anything in between. Every care community in the world probably has a Bingo game – and that's about as low tech as you can get – yet Bingo has been shown to have positive effects when played by Alzheimer's and other dementia patients.

One study reported in the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias found that playing Bingo specifically provides mental stimulation that is highly therapeutic. Patients participating in the study performed significantly better on measures of cognition. Staff members reported increases in alertness and in awareness in the test subjects for hours after testing.

And it's not just a game for large groups. Games for Alzheimer's should be played for stimulation, not for competition, and can be enjoyed by a group of two or three. Or even one (with a caregiver). Whenever possible, have children play with the older adults. Both age groups enjoy this.

Read more about the benefits of Bingo, and game-playing in general.

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