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PicLink is a multi-game set of 36 tiles designed specifically for use by people with cognitive and memory impairment; but it is a wonderful game for young children and children with developmental disabilities as well. The games, though simple and fun for all ages and levels of ability, are based upon exercises that research has shown to assist in keeping minds limber and assisting with memory.

36 tiles with real photo pictures that can be categorized by six subjects (people, structure, transportation, food, animals, and objects) and six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and black)

Carefully selected photographic images to spark memory and encourage conversation.

Suggestions for multiple ways to play, with varying degrees of difficulty, included.

Benefits of Playing PicLink:

  • Reinforces the memory process
  • Encourages social and conversational interaction
  • As a group activity promotes fellowship among seniors and between care-partners
  • Creates new and strengthens old links to memories and inspires reminiscing
  • Arouses creativity through story telling

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The game contains thirty-six 2½ x 2½ inch photo tiles. Each tile is ¼ inch thick, making it durable and easy to pick up. PicLink is a valuable visual manipulative that every activity therapy program should add to their resource tools.

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