Lavender essential oil for Alzheimer's-dementia

LAVENDER (French) - 16oz

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Lemon Essential Oil delivers an unmistakable fresh lemon fragrence that, when diffused, has the power to clear a room of unpleasant and unwanted aromas. Lemon oil is energizing and uplifting. The combination of its pleasing aroma and antibacterial properties make it an excellent choice for general use.

Oshadhi Essential Oils

The Oshadhi essential oils that Best Alzheimer's Products offers are among the purest available anywhere. We stock a variety of oils that are beneficial for people with dementia including Alzheimer's, and for the caregivers of those people. We do have available any essential oil that is commonly used for aromatherapy. If you are interested in an oil not listed here, please call or contact us.

In addition to individual oils, we offer a number of Therapeutic Synergy Blends. A synergy is a blend of essential oils whose action has a greater total effect than the sum of the individual oils. Oshadhi Synergies have been created for specific therapeutic effects that address common, everyday situations. These blends are named for their application and their specific benefit.

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Lemon Balm

Citrus limonum


Citrus limonum from Italy

Ease stress, and fight fatigue and insomnia, headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory problems and asthma

Calm anxiety, improve mood and prevent emotional outbursts and violent behavior

Major biochemical compounds:
Citral , Geraniol , Linalol , Limonen
100% pure essential oil

Method of use:
Essential oils can be used in a variety of methods of application and/or inhalation. Massage, bath, diffusion--there are endless opportunities for using Oshadhi genuine and authentic essential oils. For guidelines, see our Aromatherapy page.


Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children. Dilute prior to
application on skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Weight 0.100000
stages Early Stage, Middle Stage, Late Stage, Caregivers
aromatherapy_name Lemon - 5ml (Citrus limonum)
aroma_botanic_name Citrus limonum
aromatherapy_ml 5ml
aroma_considerations Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children. Dilute prior to application on skin. Avoid contact with eyes.
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