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Lavender is one of the most highly prized of all the essential oils because of it's many benefits and uses. It has been cited in a number of clinical studies as an effective way to reduce agitation and aggressive behavior in people with Alzheimer's disease. Use either in a diffuser or massage into the hands or face. (See Product Description below for more use suggestions and additional considerations.)

The Oshadhi essential oils that Best Alzheimer's Products offers for sale are among the purest available anywhere. We stock a variety of oils that are beneficial for people with dementia including Alzheimer's, and for the caregivers of those people. We do have available any essential oil that is commonly used for aromatherapy. If you are interested in an oil not listed here, please call or contact us.

In addition to individual oils, we offer a number of Therapeutic Synergy Blends. A synergy is a blend of essential oils whose action has a greater total effect than the sum of the individual oils. Oshadhi Synergies have been created for specific therapeutic effects that address common, everyday situations. These blends are named for their application and their specific benefit.

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Lavender, Highland
Lavandula angustifolia

Fresh, sweet, soft, herbaceous floral

Lavender Highland is an evergreen, woody shrub that grows about 3 feet high. It has pale green, narrow leaves and beautiful, violet-blue flowers. The entire plant is highly aromatic. Lavendula vera is also known as Lavendula officinalis and Lavendula angustifolia. All these names indicate a true lavender. The essential oil from a true lavender is prized for its ester content. (Esters provide a relaxing quality with a sweet aroma.) The best Lavender in the world, with the highest ester content, comes from the high- mountain region of Provence, France. This is Oshadhi's Highland Lavender. No other Lavender compares to its exquisite aroma and unsurpassed therapeutic qualities for skin care, first aid, and stress.

Relaxes breathing. Relieves bronchitis, laryngitis, and colds. Relaxes muscle spasms, and relieves pain of muscle strains and sprains. Eases pain of rheumatism and headaches.

Relieves nervous tension and anxiety. Treats nervous exhaustion. Helps to balance mood swings.

Brings in positive energy. Supports self-love. Opens the heart and allows love to radiate. Eases grief.

Skin care:
Good for all skin types. Helps to balance sebum production. Aids wound healing. Soothes. Relieves pain. Useful for acne, oily skin, eczema, psoriasis, and couperose. Excellent for first aid for small cuts, bruises, burns, sunburn, insect bites and stings, and itching. Promotes cleansing and detoxifying.

Major biochemical compounds:
Linalyl-acetate, linalol, ocimen, terpinene-1-ol-4, lavandulol, 1,8 cineol, lavandulol acetate, coumarin

Method of use:
Essential oils can be used in a variety of methods of application and/or inhalation. Massage, bath, diffusion--there are endless opportunities for using Oshadhi genuine and authentic essential oils. For guidelines, see our Aromatherapy page.

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