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Flipper works your TV and cable, satellite or over the air dtv box only with only one remote. It also works with a cable ready TV. Easy to set up, simple to use - preset to Motorola cable boxes. (See video below for setup). Once set up, the On/Off works the TV and set top box with One Touch; the Channel buttons work the set top box, and the Volume works the TV. Favorite Channel feature (optional) allows you to program up to 30 of your favorite channels, eliminating channel overload. Stylish yet functional design features large tactile friendly buttons, and full function labels for easy use. The set up locks to prevent reprogramming the TV. The only senior friendly remote specially designed for digital broadcast technology. Uses two AAA batteries (not included). Some set up assistance may be required due to age and experience. Ships in Frustration-Free Package - easy to open clam shell requires no scissors!

Technical Details

  • Works both your TV and cable / satellite box with only one remote!
  • Optional "Favorite Channel" feature allows you to customize content (up to 30 channels)
  • Set Up "Locks" preventing reprogramming the TV
  • Simple to set up and use & frustration free packaging
  • Large easy to read buttons
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    By Tiberius (NY) - My mom suffers from dementia. She ...loves the Flipper. The buttons are large enough that she's not accidentally hitting more than one button at a time and if she's confused it's simple for me to tell her which button to press over the phone as there are only six buttons she can see and they're color coded. (I doubt she has the fine motor skill/strength in her fingers to open the sliding panel that covers the inner keypad; that's fine with us as we don't want her pressing extra buttons!) I'd suggest this to anyone with a family member in a similar situation. It's such a relief to know she can work her TV easily.

    By Good Daughter (Albany, NY USA) -

    Looking for a remote for my elderly mother, I found the Flipper. Unlike other reviewers, the only thing I did to set it up was put in the batteries! I did no programming at all. The Flipper immediately turned the TV and Motorola cable box on and off, as intended, and changed channels with the up and down buttons. Volume control also worked, although I used the original TV control to crank up the volume on the TV first, so that the Flipper would be able to work with a wider range of loud and soft volume control. It is also possible to open the sliding door and just punch in the desired channel number, including only one digit (e.g., 7, rather than 007) where the cable remote requires that you punch in all three digits on their remote. I did not program the channels, leaving my mother the option of tuning to any available channel. Having an easy-to-find mute button (which also worked perfectly with no effort) is the final element of perfection. What a great remote!!

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