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Watch this calming liquid as the colors switch places - blue becomes yellow, yellow becomes blue, green becomes red and red becomes green.

Inexpensive, colorful, mesmerizing, and just plain fun to watch, our whole line of Liquid Motion Art objects provide focus and visual stimulation.

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Prepare to be mesmerized!

We've all at one time or another found ourselves staring into a fire, our mind empty and carefree. What a rejuvenating effect that often has. Here is a much simpler way to get a similar benefit.

Sensory stimulation for Alzheimer's patients and people with other forms of dementia has been shown to decrease agitation and restlessness, as well as improve sleep. These symptoms are very common in most forms of dementia, and certainly in people with Alzheimer's, so sensory stimulation translates as improved quality of life for the patient as well as for the caregiver.

Sensory stimulation can be thought, quite simply, to be anything that stimulates one of our five senses. It is easy to create things from objects found around the house that will provide an endless variety of stimulation to any and all of the senses. Also remember that the things that give all of us pleasure, music and visual arts, good movies, a funny joke or story, give pleasure also to people with dementia.

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