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The Ultimate in Doll Therapy

This doll has been handmade, and at the risk of sounding cliche, by craftsmen using only the finest materials.

Serenity Babies are usually available by special order only, but this one has been premade in the interest of time and is ready to ship today.

Serenity Babies Specifications:

  • Sculpts (the head, arms, and other parts of the doll that show and look like skin) are made of heirloom quality soft German vinyl.
  • Hair is alpaca or mohair, and micro-rooted. Micro-rooting is a meticulous process whereby individual strands of hair, or a few strands at a time, are rooted into the dolls scalp. (Alpaca is so fine that it would be almost impossible to root one strand at a time.)This method ensures the most realistic results. Hair can be gently washed, brushed and styled.
  • Multiple coats of a special heat set paint result in very realistic skin tones (you can see that from the pictures) — the heat-setting makes the finish extremely durable.
  • Each doll is carefully weighted with glass beads to feel and move just like a real baby when held. The sensory feedback derived from this feature adds a dimension to doll therapy that is not possible from most other dolls.


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CHLOE Available Now

Guidelines for Doll Therapy

It is important that a doll not be given directly to the person with Alzheimer's disease. Rather it should be left somewhere, on a table or sitting in a chair, for example, somewhere that it will be found. This way the individual can make the choice to provide care for the doll, not feel that they are being given the responsibility to do so, which could cause anxiety or result in the doll being rejected.

For Doll Therapy to be effective, it is recommended that you use a doll that is as lifelike as possible. Introduce the doll in the middle stages of Alzheimer's, or even in earlier stage, depending on the individual. Often when introduced later, the person fails to or has a more difficult time making a connection with the doll. Once the connection has been made, the rest is easy. It's a self-administering therapy.

Click here to read more about dolls and doll therapy for persons with Alzheimer's disease and other dementia, including results of clinical studies and precautions.

Following is a letter from Mark W. to Cindy, creator of the Serenity Babies. Mark had just received a doll that he was going to gift to an assisted living residence.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God I said the more I stared at this little angel and noticed all the details. The bare foot in one hand and a sock in the other is so cute and child like. The residents at the assisted living home my grandmother spent the last year and a half of her life at will be so blessed to hold and admire this beautiful angel. She will have the gift to mend a moment of loneliness and spoil a feeling of sadness. To each that hold her will pretend she's real but the feelings thoughts memories and emotions they experience are genuine. I will be honored to gift her to a wonderful home for its residents and staff. This little girl runs on our imagination and not on batteries. That's what makes us feel young again. Thank you Cindy for the picture and the updates. Is it a possibility that all 3 dolls could be finished by May 1st? I have relatives coming from Washington May 2nd to sprinkle my grandmothers ashes in Duluth. I would like to show off the dolls before family heads back home.
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