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Brainpaths is a breakthrough in the field of sensory therapy

Brain plasticity and neurogenesis are relatively new concepts that describe the brain’s ability to grow and change in response to stimulation. Brainpaths® is a Neurological Medical Device that stimulates the sensory cortex of the brain. By tracing the grooves in the molded disk users strengthen synaptic connections in their brains, and can even create new brain cells. This restructuring of the brain in response to sensory stimulation can improve memory, mood, and learning.

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Now, Brainpaths brings tactile and sensory fingertip stimulation to everyone, providing a method and apparatus to invigorate the brain like never before.

Brainpaths is registered with the FDA as a medical device.

Proven brain-stimulation technology is now incorporated into Brainpaths tactile products: hand-held tracing boards accessing 3000 mechanoreceptors in each fingertip. Brainpaths products (similar to Braille) makes tactile stimulation available for everyone: young and old, and brings tactile brain stimulation to a new level - invigorating the brain like never before.

Brainpaths roots are founded in the 1997 discovery of Brain Plasticity; the ability of the brain to improve and repair. Findings in Plasticity of the brain, set the stage for Brainpaths. Before Brain Plasticity, the brain was thought to be rigid: unable to repair itself. We now know that the adult brain can grow and change. Sensory and cognitive stimulation creates new synaptic connections and even new brain cells. This process improves memory and even cognitive function.

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