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Six of our favorite balls in a convenient plastic storage box. These balls provide tactile and visual stimulation as well as exercise for the hands and fingers.

  • 1) TRANSLUCENT ORBIT BALL: The colorful intertwined bands of this 2¾" ball create lots of bouncing fun as well as a visual and tactual experience.
  • 1) PUFFER BALL: These 4" air-filled balls are covered with soft spiky protrusions with a loop for punchball fun! Assorted colors.
  • 1) ISOFLEX STRESS BALL: A colorful ball filled with starch, changes shape as it is squeezed. You'll really build those muscles with this one.
  • 1) RAINBOW POM BALL: Included for it's texture. It feels good in the hand.
  • 1) MATRIX BALL:A sturdy yet flexible ball. Soft enough for those who tend to put things in their mouth.
  • 1) WONDER BALL: Has 32 suction cups and will stick to any smooth surface.
  • 1) Storage Box randomly colored charcoal grey, blue, or pink.

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    They're bright! They're colorful! They're round! (for the most part) And they're inexpensive! The Box of Balls is one of our best sellers. Six different balls, all different in color, texture, function, provide hours of stimulating fun. And the physical and sensory stimulation that they provide is so important to an overall health care strategy.

    All of these balls beg to be squeezed, so they promote exercise of the fingers, hands, and arms, helping to maintain strength, circulation, and mobility. The colors and textures supply a multi-sensory experience.

    Read more about the benefits of tactile stimulation.

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