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Plays like the classic "dominos" game with works of fine art on the playing pieces.

Art-Omino Fine Arts contains 30 rectangular cards with two pictures each. One player begins by placing a card upright on the table. The players alternately extend the line of play with a matching image on one of the two ends of his or her card. The game typically ends when one player places their last card, but the setup can vary according to the cognitive abilities of the players, making it an ideal game for this group. People in early stages can play following the traditional rules. Later, play with cards, and it can be enjoyable to just look at all the cards to find matches, and talk about the art.

The game comes with instructions as well as information about the art depicted on the playing pieces.

This is one of those activities that can be enjoyed at several cognitive levels: as a memory game for people with early memory loss, and as a matching activity or even a conversation starter for people in later stages.

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On a higher cognitive level, the art depicted in this series of games can be used to initiate and inspire further investigation. This might involve a trip to an art museum, or perusing art books and websites, to learn more about the artist and his or her art.

Viewing and discussing art has been shown to be an effective therapy for people who have Alzheimer's. Creativity seems to withstand the ravages of the disease better than most other cognitive functions.

"There's something about paintings and sculpture that helps bring thoughts and feelings to the surface," said Francesca Rosenberg of the Museum of Modern Art in an interview with CBS. "Then emotions come out."

Memories also come out. And conversations. At the same time, some of the undesirable behavior, the anxiety and agitation, and the aggression don't come out. Not for a while anyway, and that's a nice reprieve for everyone.

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