Most Popular Alzheimer's Gifts


Most Popular Gifts for People Who Have Dementia

If you're unsure what to give this holiday, we have put together a list to help you choose the perfect present. First is our most popular gifts from last year. Then take a look at some of our new best selling items from this year. If you still need help, please feel free to call John or Holly at 847.223.3021. We would be happy to help you choose a gift for your loved one.

Top 14 Gifts for Alzheimer's/Dementia

Twiddle Muffs

Gifts for Alzheimer's | Twiddle Muffs - therapy muffs>The Twiddle Muffs have been a top selling item for years and makes a perfect gift. Muffs come 5 ways and each contains a soft, squeezable ball tethered inside. The creator originally made a muff for her grandmother: "Twiddle™Muff was created to give her inquisitive hands something to keep them moving, active and warm and remind her how much she is loved........even when I couldn't be with her." -Margaret
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Busy Bee Lap Pad

Busy Bee Activity lap pad for dementiaOffered exclusively at Best Alzheimer's Products, the Busy Bee Lap Pad is made of a soft fleece and is weighted with a 10" x 18" five pound gel pad inside. It has 5 manipulative and stimulus providing attachments including real lamb's wool, a liquid motion, a bean bag, a Tangle, and moveable wood beads.

David bought a Busy Bee for his mother, "She wants it on her lap at all times. The things to fiddle with keeps her occupied and the weight on her lap really seems to keep her centered and relaxed. My only problem is prying it away from her at mealtime and bedtime."
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PicLlink is a game that can be played in many ways an at varying levels of ability. It was developed specifically for people with dementia including Alzheimer's PicLink is a game that was developed specifically for people who have cognitive disorders. There are so many different ways to play this game, which is why we recommend it so highly. Games are always a hit!
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Companion Pets

Alzheimer's Gifts - Joy for All Therapy Pets

The Joy For All Tuxedo Cat is just one of the anamatronic pets available at Best Alzheimer's Products. We also have three different cats. All of the Companion Pets react to touch, sound, and even movement. Click on the link below to see them all. And watch the videos to see how lifelike are their actions.  
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Talking Photo Album

this talking photo album is one of the best gift for people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementiaThis Deluxe Talking Photo Album has 200 minutes of recording time. Use it to make a memory book filled with family photos from your loved ones life. Or record instructions with a picture of the microwave or the TV remote, and you don't have to worry about running out of recording time.

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Playable Art Ball

best alzheimers products - gifts for dementia Playable Art BallThis colorful Playable Art Ball is fun for everyone! Create your own art by simply twisting and turning twenty interconnected wooden balls into an endless number of configurations. So beautiful that you can't help but pick it up and play with it!
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Nostalgic America Gift bookNostalgic America

This wonderful stroll down memory lane is charming, colorful, and very special. It is sure to inspire reminiscence in all who encounter it! Quality photographs come from Getty Images, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and other well known publications. This is sure to be enjoyed by everyone in the family for years to come..
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Aroma Ace Diffuser

best alzheimers products gift guide for Alzheime'rsAromatherapy helps to create the living environment that you want and need. Lavender keeps things calm and relaxed. Peppermint energizes to start the day and stimulate appetite. Other aromatherapy oils can even improve memory and cognitive function. This Aroma Ace diffuser is possibly the best way to deliver those essential oils for mazimum benefit available anywhere. It is simply the best aromatherapy diffuser we have ever used.
+ Aroma Ace +

Lock Box

Best Gifts for People with dementia including Alzheimer's - Lock BoxActivities for men with Alzheimer's and dementia can be hard to find. This one is perfect for manly interests and memories. Superbly crafted solid hardwood lock box with 3 separate compartments and 10 doors, each door has a different kind of latch or hasp or bolt or other locking mechanism.

"My mom ordered the Lock Box for my dad who lives in a memory care center. She filled the box cavities with trinkets including a key ring, a mini flashlight, coins, things one might find in every household junk drawer. When she presented the box to my dad, he was instantly engaged in opening the closures and looking inside to see what he would find. He spends at least half an hour at a time opening the doors, removing the items, examining them, putting them back in, and closing the locks. It has improved his quality of life and the quality of our visits with him. I feel that the Lock Box has provided a tactile therapy that was missing. I highly recommend this product." - Happy Farmer
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Senior Smart Puzzles

Gifts for Alzheimer's - Senior Smart Puzzles activity bookSenior Smart Puzzles is a collection of mazes, hidden objects and same/different puzzles designed for seniors. Easy-to- read format, challenging brain stimulation, and appropriate level of difficulty for the mature mind. Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can have fun playing these games with seniors of the "greatest generation".
+ Senior Smart Puzzles +

Chewable Jewelry for dementiaChewable Jewelry

We only recently found this Chewable Jewely, but it is certain to become a favorite gift item. It fills a need that many people dementia have, that of oral gratification. We looked for something like this for many years, but, until now, found nothing up to our standards. This product is more than we could have expected.
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Follow Your Nose

Gifts for Dementia _Follow you Nose Sensory Game for Alzheimer's

Games always make great gifts for people who have dementia, and for everyone else. Follow Your Nose is one of our favorite, partly because it relies on the sense of smell more than the sense of sight. The more we use all of our senses the better off we are.

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Not Just Jigsaw Puzzles

Alzheimer's and dementia gifts - puzzlesExplore our large collection of puzzles! We are sure to have something that you will find appropriate for any stage and for your loved ones interests. The extra large jigsaw pieces allow for easy gripping and minimize the frustration caused by regular-sized pieces. And our jigsaw puzzles aren't cartoonish - they are age-appropriate as well. But puzzles aren't just of the jigsaw variety. A puzzle is anything that poses a problem and has a solution.
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