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sharing holidays if you can't be there


As much as we want to, as hard as we try, we can’t always be with our family and friends for holidays and special occasions. If you find yourself unable to be with your loved ones this holiday season, especially if someone close to you has Alzheimer’s disease, finding the perfect gift can be even more important, and more satisfying.

Alzheimer's Gift Guide |Log distance gift giving - some ideas for finding the right gift for a loved ones with Alzheimer's if you can't be with them

Gift recommendations will change based on what stage your loved one is in and what they are capable of doing. If you are unsure of either of these things, talk with the person who cares for her. Learn more about the stages of Alzheimer's.You can also shop by stage on our store for more ideas (look at the top left menu).

The Gift of Reminiscence

If you aren’t able to be with your loved one for the holidays, think of a creative way to reminisce. If you are not there, talking about times past is generally not an option, but you can still share memories. Burn a CD in which you talk about a particularly memorable Christmas, like the first Christmas that your spouse was a part of the family. Perhaps your family has a unique Chanukah tradition. A video recording of yourself re-creating that custom would make an excellent gift for dad, one that would stimulate his brain by stimulating memories, and make him feel that you are there. And he can enjoy it over and over again..

Our favorite gift for long-distant gift giving is our Talking Photo Album. We searched a long time to bring you the perfect talking photo album for reminiscing. It has 200 minutes of recording time, so you won't be restricted to a few seconds to tell your story. Fill the album with family photos and talk about your memories of those moments. If your loved one is taken care of by another family member, you might want to send the photo album blank so they can pick out photos and record the stories together.


If you are not close and are not able to care directly for mom or dad, an aid for daily living can consider giving something that will make daily activities easier.

Gifts for Caregivers

If you’re not there, there is a good chance that someone else is helping to take care of your loved one. This person or these people can be your best help when trying to find just the right gift. Ask them what they think your loved one would like, and don’t forget them when making your holiday shopping list. If a family member, perhaps your sister, is providing care, consider giving her two gifts; one to help her provide the best care she can and one to pamper herself. Talk to the people who will be spending the holiday with your loved one. Send your love and best wishes through them.

Gifts To Help the Caregiver

Gifts To Pampers Caregivers

  • Hire a shopping service
  • Give them a day at a health spa
  • Offer to provide care for a day while they get away
  • Meal delivery service - this is a growing field

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