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THE MALT SHOP - 36 Piece Puzzle

RED BARN FARM - 35 Piece Puzzle

Welcome to Red Barn Farm!

This 35 piece tray puzzle is filled with lots of barn animals is a terrific depiction of life on the farm. As an added challenge, try to find the hidden bird.

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Each puzzle consists of thirty five pieces that can be assembled within the specially printed frame. The backing board contains an imprint of the each puzzle piece as it relates to a sepia toned version of the image to encourage users.

The puzzles are made using the finest inks and varnishes for a crisp and vivid image. Made from premium grade board, the thick and durable precision cut pieces are engineered to exacting specifications, ensuring a sturdy, interlocking fit to help users of all abilities complete the puzzles unassisted.

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Dimensions 10" x 14"
Weight 0.7700
Stage Middle Stage, Late Stage
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