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REMINISCING THROUGH THE 20th CENTURY-CROSSWORD PUZZLES is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Reminiscing through the 20th Century: Crossword Puzzles are fun for all ages, but they are particularly designed for seniors. Whether used as part of a group or independently, activity professionals and speech and language pathologists will find a variety of therapeutic applications working with all ages on attention and concentration, language, cognitive, and/or memory skills, as well as reading and writing.

Large print makes it easy to read and the simple format provides a wide variety of applications. Choose from the included modification options to meet the needs of a variety of populations.


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Crossword Puzzles and Reminiscence: a good combination for brain health!

Many people with progressive memory disorders are much more comfortable talking about earlier memories. Because the area of the brain that stores memories long term is affected later in the disease's progression, the affected person will know more about her life when she was 40 years younger than she knows about what has happened this week. A person with Alzheimer's disease, for example, might have a detailed and lucid conversation about something that happened after the war (World War II or the Korean War) than what he or she had for breakfast, or experienced at the theater the night before.

Reminiscing and reminiscence therapy involve reaching the memories that reside in these still viable regions of the brain. There are many ways to encourage these memories, and you should. They can be comforting, even therapeutic. A study published in the June 2007 issue of Geriatrics and Gerontology International concluded that a reminiscence group program was an effective way to enhance the cognitive capacity of people with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia as well as their ability to participate in normal activities of daily living. A summary of existing data, including studies published in professional journals, and interviews with specialists, concluded that the general mood and cognition improved in subjects with dementia who participated in some form of reminiscence therapy.

Read more about reminiscing and reminiscence therapy at Best Alzheimer's Products.

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Title Reminiscing Through the 20th Century: Crossword Puzzles
Author Kathryn Kilpatrick
Format Paperback
Edition No
Dimensions 8.375" x 10.75" x .187"
Shipping Weight 0.4000
Stage Early Stage, Middle Stage
Number of Pages 64

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