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Nothing is more enchanting or more calming than to witness the natural beauty of this earth. Few things serve to relax and inspire us as does music. The nature videos in our collection combine some of the best examples of nature's splendor with music selected specifically for its calming character. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

Swim with a school of colorful tropical fish. Sit by a waterfall in the middle of a lush, green forest. Watch the sunset over the ocean as sea gulls wade in the water searching for food. Fly as if with the birds through magnificent mountain and desert landscapes. Some of these have the option of choosing music accompaniment, or listening to the natural sounds. Either choice provides a stimulating yet relaxing visual and auditory experience.

The list below represents a broad cross-section of our world's splendors, but we can't have everything. Be sure to let us know if there is a natural subject that you would like to see that is not represented in this list. There is a good chance that we can find it for you, and in a short time!


We display a short video clip of most of our nature DVDs to help you select the one(s) that are just right. These clips are toward the bottom of the product page for each video. Once you click on, for example, Butterflies and Flowers from the catagory page, you will be taken to the page that displays and describes that DVD. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the video and click on the video player to watch (and listen to) the segment. If you don't see a video player at the bottom of the page, you are probably browsing with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Microsoft has taken it upon itself to decide what you should and should not see on the internet. On some versions of Internet Explorer you might see a small, inconspicuous window at the bottom of your monitor asking if you want to "allow blocked content", and a button to push if you do. Push this button to view the video clips. A better solution would be to use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, instead of Internet Explorer. More and more people are finding one of those alternative to be preferable to IE. Otherwise, feel free to call 877/300.3021 and we will help you to set your browser to view the video clips.

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  1. Butterflies and Flowers DVD



    Bring the delights of the garden into your home or office with this refreshing DVD of butterflies and flowers.

    Enjoy both tropical and temperate butterflies and flowers on 5 great tracks. Films are complemented by relaxing music and two tracks of longer, slowly-changing images are accompanied by natural sounds.

    The DVD is programmed with many different playback features, so you can play one track continuously, play all the films with music, play just those with natural sounds or play everything on the DVD in a continuous loop.

    Different tracks have different types of flowers and include wonderful passion flowers, romantic roses, bright yellow sunflowers, and daisies in a natural meadow setting.

    Every butterfly, caterpillar, dragonfly, bee and blossom was filmed with HD cameras for stunning picture quality and amazing detail.

    Enjoy the fascinating behavior of the butterflies as they dance around the blossoms and drink from the flowers’ sweet nectar. Watch how a bee collects pollen from the fragile beauty of a rare passion flower and marvel at the different species of colorful flowers including romantic roses, bright yellow sunflowers, and daisies in a natural meadow setting.

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  2. Coral Tranquility DVD



    A beautiful blend of colourful coral, exotic fish and tropical aquariums to relax and refresh you.

    Coral Tranquility is a DVD of beautiful images from many remarkable and award-winning aquariums, and includes:

  3. A three-part film offering the viewer a mellow mix of colourful coral and exotic fish set to the soothing and inspiring music of composer Simon Daum.
  4. A unique 11 minute track which takes you on a slow 'Journey Across the Reef' showing many different species of fish and coral in a wonderful, underwater world.
  5. Beautiful, slowly-changing close-up images on a 'Soothing Scenes' track.
  6. Plus 2 great tanks to turn your TV into two realistic tropical aquariums.
  7. All have continuous play functions for total relaxation and can be played with music or natural sea sounds.

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  • Flamingos and Waterbirds - Nature DVD



    Flamingos & Waterbirds was filmed in and around the Regional Nature Park of the Camargue, in the Rhône delta in Southern France.

    See breathtaking views from high peaks coated with heavenly white snow and go inside glaciers for chillingly beautiful scenes of ice grottos. Surround yourself with frozen waterfalls and wonder at the melting ice sculptures made by Mother Nature herself.

    The DVD has 3 relaxing films, set to calming music, showing graceful flamingos and many different species of waterbirds in their natural habitat from dawn through to sunset.

    Five more tracks use the natural sounds: Four Natural Decoration tracks show Egrets at a peaceful lake, flamingos wading in blue water, a lake full of birds at the end of the day and a beautiful twilight lagoon. A further track of Soothing Scenes has slowly changing images.

    Choose a track and it will play continuously or use the Play All function to play each film in turn

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    Laugh along with us at the funny antics of these young cashmere goats. Enjoy their natural playfulness and gymnastic moves as they explore their new world with their brothers, sisters and friends

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    Experience the beauty and magic of the Hawaiian Islands in wide screen video with 5.1 surround sound.

    Hawaii's delightful beaches reveal multi-hued sands as the warm ocean washes over your feet. Feel warm ocean spray leap into rainbows, as seawater roars from hidden blowholes. Rejoice with the morning birds at Maui's Emerald Pool. Experience the magic rays of sunrise peeking through golden clouds from the rim of Haleakala Crater. A morning time-lapse reveals the awakening of the Big Islands Rainbow Falls. A hundred tumbling cascades grace the rainforest draping Maui's Hana Highway. Filmed in High Definition, 5.1 Surround Sound.

  • Rejoice with the morning birds at Maui's Emerald Pool. Experience the magic of the sun rising through the clouds from the rim of Haleakala Crater.
  • Watch the earth itself being formed as fresh lava drips into the sea. Feel warm ocean spray turn to rainbows as it roars from hidden blowholes.
  • From a morning timelapse sequence revealing the beauty of Rainbow Falls to the hundreds of waterfalls along Maui's famous Hana Highway.
  • Red, black, green, brown and white sands merge in this montage of Hawaii's most delightful beaches
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    Filmed almost entirely in Japan, the Japanese Gardens DVD has 2 films with Japanese-inspired music plus a film of longer, slowly-changing images set to the sounds of nature. A further 6 tracks show six different Japanese garden scenes for use as natural decoration, or as an aid to meditation, and these can be played with either music or natural sounds.

    The Japanese Gardens DVD was filmed using high-definition cameras and professional audio equipment, offering viewers great sound and picture quality. All the tracks are programmed to repeat automatically, making it ideal for use in spas, health clubs and waiting rooms, and the Play All functions and continuous play features allow relaxation without interruption.

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  • Lagoon (Movie)



    The exceptionally peaceful Gialova Lagoon in Greece is an area which supports a huge diversity of flora and fauna. This double length DVD video has a main film presenting a mixture of beautiful images from the lagoon, and 4 relaxing video loops, all accompanied by the original sounds of nature.

    The repetitve sound of the crickets and the rhythm of the gently lapping water are an ideal aid to meditation. Feel your breathing slow and deepen, sense your body relaxing, and experience a clearing of the mind as your awareness of nature's great beauty is heightened.

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  • Music for the Mind and Heart - music for dementia



    The DVD is a 45 minute presentation of mood-enhancing imagery created to provide a comforting and harmonious atmosphere to soothe and relax those suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. What you hear and see below is just a short sampling.

    With heartfelt original piano compositions and unique orchestrations of familiar classical pieces combined with award-winning nature photography, the DVD is a natural mood-enhancer. Viewing Music for the Mind and Heart provides reality therapy as well by maintaining a connection to the wonders of nature.The universal human response to nature's beauty is a sense of spiritual connectedness to the environment and the natural world.

    The slow moving, still images combined with nature video give the Alzheimer's patient time to comprehend what they are seeing and not become confused, and the melodic music creates a restful, calming atmosphere.

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    Experience the fathomless serenity of the ancient redwood forest as shafts of silver sunlight penetrate the towering canopy. Feel and hear the gentle drops of captured cloud water falling from the treetops to the forest floor, replenishing life in this rainforest world. Meander down crystal creeks reflecting mossy boulders and trees, while in their shallow depths round pebbles and rock roots lie still beneath the rippling water. Marvel at thousand-year-old giants rising from darkness into light, their softly folded bark marked by fire, in hues from brilliant red to chocolate brown.

    The mystery and magic of California's old growth redwood forests in wide screen video with original music by Gary Malkin, Raphael Sharpe, and Kevin Breheny.

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  • The Flow of Nature - Nature DVD



    Beautifully blended scenes of nature set to wonderfully calming and inspiring music.

    Filmed in HD, the latest DVD from cinematographer Tony Helsloot shows both his love of nature and his masterful editing skills. Complemented by the soothing music of Simon Daum, this DVD has 9 different Flow of Nature tracks with a mix of the sea, waterfalls, forests, flora and fauna, rainbows, geysers and many other natural wonders. Play each track continuously or use the Play All function to play all 9 in turn.

    • Pacific Waves
    • Waterfalls
    • Yellowstone Dream
    • Natural Glory
    • Forest Waters
    • Coastal Nature
    • Sea Moods
    • Water Impressions
    • Sunset Beaches

    Three further Natural Decoration tracks show a waterfall and river in a scene of luscious green, a glorious sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and a seldom seen geyser in Yellowstone. Tracks repeat continuously and can be played with the natural sounds recorded on location, music, or a mix of both.

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