Alzheimer's is a progressive disease that eventually affects most if not all of the brain's functions. It is this progression through the brain, following virtually the same path in everyone afflicted, that causes the stages of Alzheimer's disease. The disease kills brain cells, beginning in the hypothalamus and steadily advancing into other areas of the brain. As different areas of the brain are affected, different cognitive and physical functions, including memory and balance, are lost or impaired.

We have selected products for each of the three stages that are appropriate to that stage. We include activities that a person in that stage can do and is likely to enjoy, but will also stimulate brain functioning to help slow the advance of the disease. Read more about the stages of Alzheimer's disease.

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  1. Holiday Silver

    EARLY STAGE GIFT BOX ***Free Gift Wrap***


    Our Early Stage Gift Box contains fun and informative activities that have been selected to stimulate the person who is in the beginning stages of the disease. These items will entertain and provide reminiscence of times past, and they also provide activities that will help prolong cognitive and memory functions.

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    Replacement cartridge for the Aroma-Stream diffuser.These pads are durable and generally last a long time. We recommend that you use a separate pad for each different oil.

    The classic, Aroma-Stream electric diffuser has always been a favorite of aromatherapy professionals and enthusiasts alike. Compact, with a whisper-quiet, two-speed fan makes this heat-freeunit perfect for the home or office. Simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil or synergy blend on the reusable cartridge in the base, flip the switch, and the fan gently disperses the aromatic molecules into the room. Covers 500-800 square feet. Learn More

  3. Brainpaths - Masterful Voyage



    Brainpaths is a breakthrough in the field of sensory therapy

    Brain plasticity and neurogenesis are relatively new concepts that describe the brain’s ability to grow and change in response to stimulation. Brainpaths® is a Neurological Medical Device that stimulates the sensory cortex of the brain. By tracing the grooves in the molded disk users strengthen synaptic connections in their brains, and can even create new brain cells. This restructuring of the brain in response to sensory stimulation can improve memory, mood, and learning.

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  4. CareZips Adult Incontinence Pants



    CareZips Adult Incontinence Pants are not eligible for free shipping.

    CareZips® - innovative pants that provide caregivers an easier, faster and more productive change of an adult brief or cath bag or for wound care. The unique frontal opening allows for safe & effective attention with less back strain to the caregiver plus minimal physical exposure and more dignity for the patient. Socks and shoes do not necessarily have to be removed. The garment is designed with three zippers but the two side zippers are positioned slightly forward on the body to eliminate any discomfort particularly when rolled side-to-side.

    Choose CareZips size and color below

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  5. Coffee Station 36 Piece Alzheimer's Puzzle

    COFFEE STATION - 36 Piece Puzzle


    Finished Puzzle Size: 18" x 23.5"

    Get a quick pick-me-up with the Coffee Station!

    This 36 piece puzzle is from a specially created line of puzzles designed for those who live with Alzheimer’s Disease. The artwork is chosen for its nostalgic theme. The extra large pieces allow for easy gripping and minimize the frustration caused by regular-sized pieces. Many customers value these puzzles as a source of comfort, joy and as a way to connect with a loved one. Each puzzle piece is about the size of the palm of your hand. This is a 36 piece puzzle. Finished Puzzle Size: 18" x 23.5"

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  6. Comfort dog for dementia



    This large floppy pup is soft, cuddly and ever so realistic.

    As Roger Caras noted, "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." From the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, this 23" pup is no exception. He is one sweet stuffed pup. Learn More

  7. Senior Smart Puzzles Book 2



    Games and Puzzles Box ships free in the U.S. (SmartPost)

    Our Games and Puzzles Box contains 10 of our favorite and best selling games and puzzles. We put them in a convenient storage box so everything stays neat and tidy. Not only is this selection a great tool for staff members, make it available to visitors and visits will be more meaningful and enjoyable for all.

    This product ships UPS only

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  8. Joy For All Golden Pup



    Joy for All Pups are not eligible for free shipping.

    Watch the video(below): it's the best way to see the Pup in action.

    This golden retriever pup is bound to bring joy and companionship to those who encounter it. It looks, feels, and sounds like a real dog. Its thumping heartbeat further enhances its life-like qualities. This beautiful, soft dog responds to petting, hugging, and motion much like the dogs you know and love. This two-way give-and-take relationship helps create a personally rich experience encourages fun, joy, and friendship.

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  9.  MELANIE  Available Now

    MELANIE Available Now


    The Ultimate in Doll Therapy

    This doll has been handmade, and at the risk of sounding cliche, by craftsmen using only the finest materials.

    Serenity Babies are usually available by special order only, but this one has been premade in the interest of time and is ready to ship today.

    Serenity Babies Specifications:

    • Sculpts (the head, arms, and other parts of the doll that show and look like skin) are made of heirloom quality soft German vinyl.
    • Hair is alpaca or mohair, and micro-rooted. Micro-rooting is a meticulous process whereby individual strands of hair, or a few strands at a time, are rooted into the dolls scalp. (Alpaca is so fine that it would be almost impossible to root one strand at a time.)This method ensures the most realistic results. Hair can be gently washed, brushed and styled.
    • Multiple coats of a special heat set paint result in very realistic skin tones (you can see that from the pictures) — the heat-setting makes the finish extremely durable.
    • Each doll is carefully weighted with glass beads to feel and move just like a real baby when held. The sensory feedback derived from this feature adds a dimension to doll therapy that is not possible from most other dolls.

    Read more about the Serenity Babies here.

  10. Nostalgic America



    This 104 page, hard cover book is replete with magnificent images and editorial contributed by Getty Images, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, New York Times, Baseball Hall of Fame, NBC, CBS, ABC, various historians and museum curators. This wonderful stroll down memory lane is charming, colorful, and very special. It is sure to inspire reminiscence in all who encounter it!

    Click Here to View All 104 Pages Learn More

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