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Choosing a gift for someone with Alzheimer's

We recommend that you consider two important things when selecting a gift for a person with Alzheimer's disease. Choose something that will make things easier for him or her, things that will help maintain a degree of independence. The collective name for this type of product is Aids for Daily Living. This could be a product that helps her to remember to take her medicine or to accomplish an everyday task that the progression of the disease is making more difficult. It could be an item that helps him locate something when he forgets where he used it last. It could also be something that makes everyday living less dangerous. We have many gift suggestions to make everyday living easier for a person with Alzheimer's disease.

Another important consideration: find something that is fun, something that he or she will really enjoy. This is our specialty. We have spent countless hours finding activities that are delightful at the same time that they are engaging and stimulating. That could be sensory stimulation, cognitive stimulation, or physical stimulation. If an activity stimulates it will probably be fun. Our store is full of gifts that fill that requirement. There you will find DVDs that offer a meaningful alternative to television, games and puzzles that are not only fun but can slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease, and other activities that improve quality of life in general.

It is also important to consider the stage he or she is in when selecting a present for a person with Alzheimer's. In the earliest stages, gifts need not be different than what you might have given her before the diagnosis. Games and activities should reflect her interests and challenge her to exercise her brain as well as her body. As the condition progresses activities should be less challenging, but should still reflect her interests and keep her involved. Later stage gifts should concentrate on providing comfort while stimulating the senses. And remember, a gift that was appropriate when she was in the early stages of the disease will likely not hold her interest later.