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Stocking Stuffers

Small and inexpensive gifts that make perfect stocking stuffers for your loved one with Alzheimer's disease.

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  1. Aroma Stone Diffuser Cream | Aromatherapy



    The Aroma-Stone is a stylish, cream colored, ceramic diffuser. Perfect for home or care community, this compact electric unit is completely silent and can be used with any essential oil or synergy blend. Safe, simple to use, and easy to clean. Covers 500-800 square feet. 4"D x 1 3/4"H.

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  2. Chrissy Bracelet



    Made with oval faceted and round beads, the Chrissy stretch bracelet is a bold fashion statement as well as a functional solution to repetitive chewing.

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    Made with octagon faceted and round beads, the Christine Adult Necklace is a bold fashion statement as well as a functional solution to repetitive chewing.

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  4. Christine Bracelet



    Made with octagon faceted and round beads, the Christine stretch bracelet is a bold fashion statement as well as a functional solution to repetitive chewing.

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  5. Colored Pencils



  6. 12 vibrant colors
  7. Hexagonal casing to prevent rolling
  8. Non fading, clean-erasing graphite leads
  9. High opacity
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  • 4 Color Drop



    Watch this calming liquid as the colors switch places - blue becomes yellow, yellow becomes blue, green becomes red and red becomes green.

    Inexpensive, colorful, mesmerizing, and just plain fun to watch, our whole line of Liquid Motion Art objects provide focus and visual stimulation.

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  • Crooners and Divas Reminiscence Music for Alzheimer's



    Crooners and Divas is a 3 CD set contains 30 recognizable songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s sung by some of the most popular artists of that time, including Perry Como, Judy Garland, Doris Day, and The Andrews Sisters.

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  • Flipper Remote Control



    Flipper works your TV and cable, satellite or over the air dtv box only with only one remote. It also works with a cable ready TV. Easy to set up, simple to use - preset to Motorola cable boxes. (See video below for setup). Once set up, the On/Off works the TV and set top box with One Touch; the Channel buttons work the set top box, and the Volume works the TV. Favorite Channel feature (optional) allows you to program up to 30 of your favorite channels, eliminating channel overload. Stylish yet functional design features large tactile friendly buttons, and full function labels for easy use. The set up locks to prevent reprogramming the TV. The only senior friendly remote specially designed for digital broadcast technology. Uses two AAA batteries (not included). Some set up assistance may be required due to age and experience. Ships in Frustration-Free Package - easy to open clam shell requires no scissors!

    Technical Details

  • Works both your TV and cable / satellite box with only one remote!
  • Optional "Favorite Channel" feature allows you to customize content (up to 30 channels)
  • Set Up "Locks" preventing reprogramming the TV
  • Simple to set up and use & frustration free packaging
  • Large easy to read buttons
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  • Frankincense



    Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is the edible resin or sap of the Boswellia tree. The essential oil is distilled from this dry resin. Frankincense has been used and traded in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa for over 5000 years, and is valued by perfumers and healers alike. It has been found to reduce inflammation, reduce congestion, and relieve digestive disorders. It is even being investigated for its cancer killing properties, and its ability to penetrate and heal damaged brain cells by making more oxygen available.

    Whereas studies concerning the affects of Frankincense on dementia are in early stages, the potential brain healing character, coupled with its property of calming and mood stabalization make it a good candidate. Frankincense is safe to use on the skin and even internally. We recommend dilution with coconut oil or honey for internal use, and with a carrier oil for external use. There are no reported side effects, but it is always best to begin with a spot test on the skin, and to proceed slowly if using internally.

    The Oshadhi essential oils that Best Alzheimer's Products offers for sale are among the purest available anywhere. We stock a variety of oils that are beneficial for people with dementia including Alzheimer's, and for the caregivers of those people. We do have available any essential oil that is commonly used for aromatherapy. If you are interested in an oil not listed here, please call or contact us.

    In addition to individual oils, we offer a number of Therapeutic Synergy Blends. A synergy is a blend of essential oils whose action has a greater total effect than the sum of the individual oils. Oshadhi Synergies have been created for specific therapeutic effects that address common, everyday situations. These blends are named for their application and their specific benefit.

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    Laugh along with us at the funny antics of these young cashmere goats. Enjoy their natural playfulness and gymnastic moves as they explore their new world with their brothers, sisters and friends

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