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Aside from offering you the largest selection of games and activities for Alzheimer's, we want to help you choose the right gift for your loved one during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Our research as well as our experience have allowed us to create the ultimate gift guide for Alzheimer's and dementia. Use our knowledge to help choose the perfect gift, and avoid gift-giving pitfalls. For example - a family photograph is a great gift, especially if it is nicely framed and presented. However, a recent photograph might not be a good idea for someone who is in a later stage of Alzheimer’s disease... Read Holly's story here.

Holidays are for sharing. Sharing love, sharing camaraderie, sharing memories. Holidays are for other things, too, but it’s the sharing that makes a holiday memorable. Even though a person with Alzheimer’s disease has trouble remembering recent events (it’s the nature of the disease - read more), many can still remember things that happened long ago. This quirk of the disease is a good place to start when thinking about the right gift.

The Gift of Reminiscence

Reminiscence can be strong therapy for anyone with memory or cognitive disorders. Honor your mom’s life and accomplishments by providing her with an outlet to share her life story with you. Although it may be hard for her to hold a conversation about current events, she can likely talk about historical events from her day and tell intriguing stories about her life.

Alzheimer's Gift Guide Reminiscence


The Gift of Activity

Everybody wants something to do. That’s why activities are so important. It is wonderful when you find something that your loved one enjoys. If she is not in some way engaged, she might fall prey to the "Four A's of Alzheimer's": Anxiety, Aggression, Agitation, Apathy. Remember that as Alzheimer’s progresses, one loses the ability to make decisions and therefore will not be able to decide what to do. It's up to you to provide activities that are enjoyable and appropriate for her.

Alzheimer's Gift Guide Activity

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The Gift of The Senses

Sensory stimulation is necessary for the individual with dementia, and also can improve memory and cognition. Sensory gifts are a particularly good choice for people with severe dementia. Just remember that no matter how severe the disease or how far progressed, people still need and welcome this stimulation.

Alzheimer's Gift Guide Sensory Stimulation


The Gift of Comfort

Providing comfort to your loved one with Alzheimer’s is your most important job. Think of things that would bring pleasure and relaxation to their day. Physical comfort is just as important as emotional comfort.

Alzheimer's Gift Guide Nurture & Comfort

Everything You Need To
Know This Holiday Season

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Advice for sharing Christmas with your loved one with Alzheimer's.

Best Alzheimer's Products Gift Guide

Once your choice is made you are ready for the next step – presenting the gift to him or to her. How to give a gift to someone with Alzheimer's.


What NOT to give as a gift. Knowing what not to give is just as important as knowing what to give.

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Learn how the stages of Alzheimer's affects memory and cognition.


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Long Distance Gift Giving: Consider these things when buying a gift this season for someone you won't be able to share it with personally.

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