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Simple Music Player For Alzheimer's

The beneficial effects of music for people with dementia are quite outstanding, both for improving the quality of life and for its healthy restorative effects on cognizance and lucidity. A recurring problem however, has been the difficulties people with dementia face when trying to operate modern music playing equipment. Remembering how controls operate or manipulation of knobs, non-tactile buttons, and an array of confusing symbols all limit access to this well proven benefit.

The Simple Music Player has been designed to be as easy as possible to operate. Setting up the player is undertaken by friends, family or carers, as a one time process. Extensive trialling has verified that the operation is highly intuitive and does not require any prior knowledge or memory to start and stop the player. The styling is also reminiscent of old radios and is instantly recognisable as something which plays music.

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See how easy the Simple Music Player is to use!


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Music is one of the most powerful alternative therapies for people who have dementia including Alzheimer's disease. Read more about music therapy on our website.

To operate, there are only three controls:

  • Start playing music - just lift the lid
  • Skip this song - (optional) press the big button
  • Stop the music - close the lid
The music will always continue from where it was last stopped.

The styling is also reminiscent of old radios and is instantly recognizable as something which plays music.

Download a PDF of the Pre-loaded Playlist

Simple Music Player For Alzheimer's

See how easy the Simple Music Player is to use!

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 300mm x 190mm x 110mm
  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Color: Available in Red, Green, and Burr-Walnut
  • Music upload: Music upload: via USB connection (cable provided) compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple ios and Linux
  • Music format: MP3, MPEG4, WMA, WAV, AAC files
  • User controls: ON/OFF and NEXT TRACK
  • Presetable controls: Volume control on the base of device
  • Ancillary controls: User controls can be mimicked using remote switches via the back panel
  • Headphone socket
  • Power requirements: Local mains supply - factory configured to your country's standard
  • Power consumption: less than 700mA at 9V
  • Amplifier: 6W Class D mono audio amplifier
  • Speaker: 4ohm 90mm diameter high-quality circular cone
  • Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp cloth (not waterproof)
  • Country of Origin: Made in Wales, United Kingdom

Uploading Music to yourSimple Music Player

Tunes are loaded into the by means of a USB cable connection to your computer. There is no software to install. It is compatible with all systems which support USB 'plug and play' devices (Apple, Microsoft, Linux, etc.)

Once the SMP is recognised by your computer then it acts as if it were a standard USB stick or some external memory location; simply copy your music files from the computer to the SMP. You can either 'cut and paste' or 'drag and drop'; whichever you prefer. Music can be individually uploaded or deleted at anytime using this method. If you are using a Mac computer, see instructions below for deleting music.

The Simple Music Player comes with music already loaded Pre-loaded Playlist: All the Big Band era songs that come with your player, unless you request that we delete them.

The Simple Music Player for Alzheimer's and dementia is not only easy to use, but also easy to program with your own music. We still run into a problem now and then, but nothing we can't work through. One issue that comes up occasionally involves the Apple operating system. If you are finding that music is not deleting from your Simple Music Player, it is not really because of the SMP, but the way Apple treats deleted files. Instructions for resolving this follow, and it is really very simple.

How to delete music files from your Simple Music Player - for Apple users only

Just by means of explanation ... the Simple Music Player looks and plays all the compatible files it finds on its internal memory regardless of which directory or folder they are in.

The problem arises because Apple iOS doesn't actually delete the files when you press the 'delete' key, but creates a hidden sub-folder called '.trash' or '.trash-1000' and simply moves them into that folder. You can't see the files, but they still exist and so the simple music player is finding them and playing them.

To resolve the problems you have two choices:

  • empty the .trash folder.There is information how to do this here for example.
  • (***** Preferred *****) reformat the Simple Music Player memory card (this will delete everything on the Simple Music Player) and then drag and drop the music you want back onto it again.

How to reformat? The Simple Music Player acts exactly the same as if its a USB stick or flash drive plugged into your machine, so formatting is just the same operation.

There are a lot of tutorials on the web (again this is a 'how to operate your computer' problem) - try this one and your problems should be solved.

There's a very clear video on Youtube if you prefer video help.


And know that you can call us for help toll free from the U.S. and Canada at 877/300.3021

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Dimensions 11.8 in x 7.5 in x 4.3 in
Stage Middle Stage, Late Stage

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