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Activities of daily living (ADLs) are those things we all need to do on a regular basis to ensure our health and well-being. ADLs are those need-to-do things that take up so much of our day and that we all take for granted – until we can't do them anymore. Activities involving health and hygiene are called basic activities of daily living. By contrast instrumental activities of daily living are those abilities that allow a person to live independently.

Making a phone call to a family member can be difficult if one can't remember the phone number that he has known for years. Watching a favorite TV program gets frustrating if a person is confused by the complexity of the remote control. Taking medication can become dangerous if doses are forgotten or taken twice because someone forgets taking her pills and takes them again. There are products here for all of these situations and more.

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  1. CareZips Adult Incontinence Pants



    CareZips Adult Incontinence Pants are not eligible for free shipping.

    CareZips® - innovative pants that provide caregivers an easier, faster and more productive change of an adult brief or cath bag or for wound care. The unique frontal opening allows for safe & effective attention with less back strain to the caregiver plus minimal physical exposure and more dignity for the patient. Socks and shoes do not necessarily have to be removed. The garment is designed with three zippers but the two side zippers are positioned slightly forward on the body to eliminate any discomfort particularly when rolled side-to-side.

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  2. Reminder Rosie



    Never forget tasks again! Reminder Rosie offers up to 25 personalized assistive spoken reminders from caregivers, loved ones & family members as a simple solution for improving task compliance in day-to-day living.100% hands free.

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  3. AC Adapter for Wireless Monitor and Motion Sensor



    This ac adapter is to be used with the Economy Cordless Alarm.

    AC Adapter for 433-MHz System Components

    1 Year Warranty
    Works with:
    • Economy Cordless Monitor (433-EC)
    • Cordless Motion Sensor (433-MS)
    For facility or in-home use.

    Wireless Mobility Monitoring

    The convenience of wireless and the versatility you would expect to find in a unit costing much more.

    Low Cost

    Economical cordless fall/mobility monitoring.

    No Cords

    Reduce tripping and entanglement hazards. Place the monitor where you want.

    Monitor Multipe Devices

    Monitor bed and chair sensors, nurse call button, window/door exit monitor, motion sensors, and more; all from one central location.

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    Winner of the 1997 National Health Information GOLD Award

    The All Sitting Workout is an energetic, balanced workout done completely seated. Because many of Mary Ann's viewers have health concerns which may make standing difficult, she offers seated routines that accomplish the stretching and strengthening benefits for which she is so well known.

  5. Seated Warm-Up: 4:05
  6. Seated Circulation Exercises: 6:50
  7. Seated Cane Routine: 2:40
  8. Seated Finger/Towel Exercises: 2:20
  9. Seated Ball Routine: 3:05
  10. Seated Cool-Down/Stretch: 7:20
  11. Seated Visual Relaxation: 3:00
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  • Anti-Stress Comfort Wrap



    35" L including handles

    Filled with rice, the Anti-Stress Comport Wrap is designed to provide relief to the most stress-prone part of the body - the neck and shoulders.

    Microwaved items may actually be MUCH HOTTER INSIDE than indicated by initial touch-so HANDLE WITH CARE. To prevent burning, do not continue to microwave past the 2 minute total heating time limit per use.

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  • BLYS - WARM WHITE NIGHT LIGHT - Bright Setting

    BLYS - WARM WHITE NIGHT LIGHT (Discontinued)

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $149.95

    BLYS light ships free in the U.S. (SmartPost)

    Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source designed with the specific needs of elderly people. Blys™ can be used as a nightlight or gentle bedroom lighting, and enables access to essential personal possessions during the night, aiding peace of mind and restful sleep.

    As a nightlight it provides a low-level glow which allows un-interrupted sleep, but on waking it provides a focus in a room, allowing items such as bedside lights, spectacles, water, phone, and other personal items to be easily identified without switching the main light on.

    A low level of light from the tray provides an immediate focus and sense of security if wakened during the night, whilst preventing the shock experienced when turning on conventional lighting, or the frustration of finding the light switch.

    It is controlled by means of a simple touch panel. Hand contact anywhere along the main edge the unit switches on or off, and the brightness can be altered by touching two small 'bright' and 'dim' zones. Blys™ remembers its previous light setting when it's switched off.


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  • Chrissy Bracelet



    Made with oval faceted and round beads, the Chrissy stretch bracelet is a bold fashion statement as well as a functional solution to repetitive chewing.

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    Made with octagon faceted and round beads, the Christine Adult Necklace is a bold fashion statement as well as a functional solution to repetitive chewing.

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  • Christine Bracelet



    Made with octagon faceted and round beads, the Christine stretch bracelet is a bold fashion statement as well as a functional solution to repetitive chewing.

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  • ComforTek Royal EZ Attachment


    Regular Price: $165.00

    Special Price $116.00

    The ComforTek Royal EZ Attachment ships directly from the manufacturer and cannot be expedited. A flat rate of $15.00 will be added to the shipping option you select for the rest of your order.

    Easily move a seated person to-and-away from the table with the ComforTek Royal EZ ; designed to provide caregivers with a practical solution to a common mealtime problem.

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