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Games for Alzheimer's

A study reported in the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementia found that playing Bingo specifically provides mental stimulation that is highly therapeutic. People with Alzheimer's disease who participated in the study performed significantly better on measures of cognition. Staff members reported increases in alertness and in awareness in the test subjects for hours after testing.

We offer a wide variety of games that rely on subjects and graphics that are age-appropriate for adults with memory and cognitive disorders. We have also concentrated on finding games that inspire reminiscing and socializing, like the "Shake Loose..." games below. The Piclink game is great for promoting interaction. Other games like Bingo and Dominoes are familiar and easy to play.

Choose a game that works on several levels. All games are cognitively stimulating to one degree or another. Without that aspect it would hardly be a game. Games can also offer a whole range of sensory stimulation, reminiscence, and socialization, all important "therapies" for a person with dementia.

Games for Alzheimer's

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  1. Games and Puzzles for Alzheimer's



    Games and Puzzles Box ships free in the U.S. (SmartPost)

    Our Games and Puzzles Box contains 10 of our favorite and best selling games and puzzles. We put them in a convenient storage box so everything stays neat and tidy. Not only is this selection a great tool for staff members, make it available to visitors and visits will be more meaningful and enjoyable for all.

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  2. PicLink Picture Association Game



    PicLink is a multi-game set of 36 tiles designed specifically for use by people with cognitive and memory impairment, but it is a wonderful game for young children and children with developmental disabilities. The games, though simple and fun for all ages and levels of ability, are based upon exercises that research has shown to assist in keeping minds limber and assisting with memory.

    36 tiles with real photo pictures that can be categorized by six subjects (people, structure, transportation, food, animals, and objects) and six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and black)

    Carefully selected photographic images to spark memory and encourage conversation.

    Suggestions for multiple ways to play, with varying degrees of difficulty, included.

    Recommended Uses:

    • As a therapy tool for working on memory
    • To encourage interaction between family members
    • as a group activity for fellowship between seniors
    • To spark memories and draw out stories
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  3. Texture Matching Game



    A tactile memory game that stimulates differentiated perception of various surfaces. Reach into a bag and pull out any disc. Reach back in to find the one with the matching surface. The 16 pairs can be used all at once or in lesser quantities depending on ability.

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  4. 4 Player Shut the Box Game



    4-Player Shut-the-Box

  5. Game Dimensions: 14 x 2 x 14 inches
  6. Wood Crafted Game with Felt Lined Playing Surface
  7. Four Sets of Colorful Dice Included - Red, Blue, Green, Black
  8. Game Instructions and History of the Game Included It is just the thing to get the brain working!
  9. We are happy to present this wooden 4-Player Shut the Box game! Step up your game and bring tons of fun to your get-together with the four-sided Shut the Box Game. Shut-the-Box is a traditional game of counting, addition, and probability. Dating back to the 18th century, this game was enjoyed by Norman fishermen after a long day at sea.

    Roll the dice and lay down any numerical combination of tiles that match your roll. Just keep on rolling until you can no longer match your roll on the remaining tiles. The lowest score wins the game. If you lay down all the tiles, then you've "shut the box." This improved wood version with a felt playing surface has 10 numbers, rather than the typical 9 numbers of other versions, bringing more numerical combinations into play. It is sure to bring the old century charm (and lots of fun) to your home!

    See Rules of Play below

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  • Balancing Chairs



    For people whose manual dexterity is good, stacking the 24 chairs without any of them falling over requires tactical skill and a good eye for balance. The chairs can also just be sorted by color as ability declines. Each chair is 2 ¾" high by 1 ½".

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  • Color Sorting Board



    Sort the colors according to the patterns on the cards. Some of the colored shapes have to be pushed into the waiting position from time to time, until they can be put in their proper place. And some people will have fun just moving the shapes and making their own pattern. The board measures 8 X 7 X 1.

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    Double Six Color Dot Dominoes in a Collectors Tin.

    Dominoes is another classic game that is known by almost everyone. The familiarity of the game makes it a good choice, and there are so many ways to play. The included instructions gives rules for 20 different games, or make up your own game to fit the ability of those playing.

    This set features 28 crystalline dominoes with brightly colored engraved dots. The selected colors are very distinct from each other, making them easy to tell apart.

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  • Follow Your Nose - sensory game for dementia



    It's Back! This was one of our earliest games, and we loved it! We were unable to get it for some time because of import regulations. So, re-introducing Follow Your Nose.

    This Fragrance Bingo is a most original game!

    Fragrance Bingo encourages exploration and discovery through the player's sense of smell. Included are 30 distinct aroma diffusers in tamper-resistant flasks which players match to the corresponding image found on five brightly illustrated game boards.

    What we always liked about Follow Your Nose is that it involves the sense of smell. And it's a game! It is difficult to create an activity that stimulates both the olfactory sense and cognition at the same time that it elicits memories. So you can see why we are so excited.

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  • Large Index Playing Cards



    Games, including card games, keep the mind active, and an active mind is one of our best defenses against Alzheimer's disease. These Large Index Playing Cards make it easier to recognize the individual cards so playing cards becomes more enjoyable.

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    Plays like the classic "memory" or "concentration" game and has classic works of art on the playing pieces.

    Art Memo Compact is just like the Art Memo II game, but only half the size. This compact addition has only 36 pairs of pictures (different from those in the Art Memo II) on 72 cards. The object of the game is the same: to find the matching pairs.

    The game comes with instructions as well as information about the art depicted on the playing pieces.

    This is one of those activities that can be enjoyed at several cognitive levels: as a memory game for people with early memory loss, and as a matching activity or even a conversation starter for people in later stages.

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